OFM&K is the official training provider for the Aeronautical Repair Station Association and a source of regulatory, legal and operations courses for businesses, governments and other organizations. Through online sessions, tailored presentations, detailed reference materials and research guides, the firm’s team of experts uses its long experience to put content into a real-world, applied context.

Online Training

From the comfort of the office, a quiet corner of the shop floor or anywhere else with an internet connection, online participants can engage directly with instructors by asking questions, providing examples and seeking clarification on presentation material. Through recorded, on-demand content, users can take advantage of the training insight on a schedule that works for them.

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Live Sessions

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On Demand Recordings

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Private Training

Interested in catered curriculum? Private training is available through OFM&K. Courses can be presented online or at your company facility. Materials are customized to the particular operation and are presented in 2, 4, 6 or 8-hour segments, allowing companies to “mix and match” content as desired. All courses are eligible for IA-renewal credit. If interested in scheduling an in-person training course at your facility, contact us for rates and available dates.

Course Descriptions

The following classes are available as private training sessions through OFM&K. Each class can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer, based on the following contents:

Complying with part 145

This course covers each section of 14 CFR part 145, the regulation governing FAA-certificated repair stations. The instructor covers the regulation, applicable guidance material and gives real-word examples of how the regulations and business do (or should) intersect. This curriculum is beneficial for management, supervisors, administrative personnel, and persons issuing approvals for return to service.

Regulation 101: Aviation Law for the Lay Person

This course provides an overview of basic administrative law, the policy makers in charge, and the regulations and guidance materials that dictate day-to-day decisions on purchasing, designing, manufacturing, operating, maintaining, or selling civil aviation products and parts. The curriculum provides top management, purchasing agents, quality control, and assurance personnel, mechanics, inspectors, and supervisors with a comprehensive understanding of the regulations that govern activities in the civil aviation industry.

International Law and Compliance for Aviation Business

The aviation marketplace is no longer limited by geographic boundaries. Tapping into international markets provides aviation entities an unparalleled opportunity to expand capital and resources, and to improve the “bottom line.” However, with international interaction comes new regulations and guidance which can pose unique challenges to a business. From bilateral agreements to maintenance implementation procedures, the curriculum covers the pertinent regulations and guidance impacting the contemporary international aviation community, and offers effective methods to ensure that your business avoids potential violations.

Making Audits Worthwhile

This course addresses with differences between regulatory compliance and business requirements, the interface between the repair station, the government, and the customer (since all three must work together), and how to respond effectively to audit findings.

Regulations Impacting the Sale, Purchase, Receiving, Inspections and Stocking of Aircraft Parts

This course gives an overview of the federal regulations applicable to the sale, purchase, receiving, inspection, and stocking of aircraft parts. The curriculum will benefit any person involved in the design, production, or maintenance of civil aviation articles, aviation sales, and purchasing agents, and representatives, or aviation executives, managers, supervisors, inspectors, auditors, technicians, and support staff.

Part 21: Certification Procedures for Products and Parts

This course gives a general business overview of the aviation safety regulations governing certification procedures for products and parts; the curriculum covers each section of 14 CFR part 21.

Public Aircraft

Instruction on the statutory provisions and FAA guidance governing public aircraft operations. It covers the basic requirements for an aircraft to be operated as a public aircraft, what constitutes an eligible governmental function and the practical implications of using the same aircraft to conduct both civil and public operations. It also discusses the FAA’s policy regarding operations conducted under contract for a government entity.

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