Managing the Intersection of Business and Government

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Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, Professional Limited Liability Company (P.L.C.) (“OFM&K”) is a boutique law firm that provides legal, legislative and administrative services to individuals, businesses, industry coalitions and trade associations. It has an impressive track record of shaping laws and regulations that impact its clients. Because the firm manages nonprofits, its staff understands that public policy programs should support other objectives: attracting and keeping members, cultivating new volunteer leaders, enhancing publications to improve advertising revenue, increasing the industry’s visibility with important external audiences and more. OFM&K will take this same objective-oriented approach when providing your association’s operational infrastructure, managing public relations or counseling on employment, antitrust, corporate and campaign finance law issues.

We are proud of our knowledge of the transportation and aviation industry and our unique perspective on the interplay between business and regulation. If you want to improve your company’s compliance, we can help navigate the maze of government rules without losing sight of the need to enhance efficiency and maintain the highest levels of safety. If you are in a dispute with regulators, we will be your zealous advocate and work to resolve the matter so you can focus on serving your customers.

Whether you want to launch a new organization, affect the policy process or ensure compliance with existing laws, we can help. OFM&K: Managing the intersection of business and governmentSM.